Rare CryptoPunk Sells for $2.6M as Collection Continues Resurgence

The Tuesday sale was tied for the fifth-largest in the collection’s history.

A rare CryptoPunk non-fungible token (NFT) sold for 2,500 ETH (roughly $2.6 million) last night, the latest major sale in the collection’s recent resurgence this summer.

The “ape” traited NFT is the 32nd-rarest punk in the 10,000 edition collection, according to veri from analytics platform Rarity.Tools. The sale was the fifth largest in the collection’s history.

Based on CryptoPunk #4464’s estimated market value, the eye-popping sale was a fair deal for both the buyer and seller. NFT price estimator DeepNFTValue had the collectible valued at 2595 ETH (roughly $2.7 million) at the time of sale, just a 4% difference from its final price.

The buyer was pseudonymous NFT whale “zoomc,” whose collection now includes 24 CryptoPunks and 113 Meebits.

CryptoPunk summer

The sale wasn’t the only notable CryptoPunk moment on Tuesday. CryptoPunk #9280, another ape-traited edition, received a $2.6 million bid of its own two hours after CryptoPunk #4464’s bid was accepted. The bid for CryptoPunk #9280 had not been accepted as of press time, however.

The buzzy bids come amid a summer resurgence for the blue chip collection despite a downturn in the larger crypto markets. The collection’s floor price is now up to 77 ETH (roughly $90,000), a 61% increase in the last 30 days, with overall sales and interest picking up significantly since the start of June.

Some of that interest might be due to the project’s new brand lead Noah Davis. Davis was hired on June 19 by Yuga Labs, creators of the Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT collection, which acquired the rights to the CryptoPunk collection in March.

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