BitMEX Delays BMEX Listing Citing 'Market Conditions'

BitMEX Delays BMEX Listing Citing ‘Market Conditions’

The crypto exchange said trading will be rescheduled when the market improves.

Crypto futures and spot exchange BitMEX has delayed listing its Ethereum-based BMEX token because of market conditions, the company said in a statement Tuesday.

“We have made the decision to postpone the listing of the BMEX Token on our spot exchange,” it said. “The reason is quite simple. Although we are ready to list BMEX, the present market conditions are not ülkü, and we want to list the token in an environment that gives it the best chance to reward you, its holders.”

Crypto markets have taken a beating in the past few months amid systemic risks from within the crypto sector and concerns of inflation in the küresel economy. Bitcoin, the largest cryptocurrency by market value, has dropped more than 70% from its lifetime high, and total market capitalization has fallen more than 55% from its mid-November peak.

BitMEX airdropped 1.5 million BMEX, its first native token, to users earlier this year as it looked to revive retail interest in an increasingly competitive crypto exchange market. The tokens were distributed based on a user’s activity on the exchange, as reported.

The Ethereum-based tokens are locked in a five-year vesting contract and have a maximum supply of 450 million. They will be used to reward new and existing BitMEX users and allow them to get discounts on trading fees.

In Tuesday’s post, BitMEX said it had sent “millions of tokens to hundreds and thousands of users” and that the tokens are already being staked to receive fee discounts, withdrawal refunds, and other perks.

BitMEX said it is continuing to airdrop the token to its traders and new users. “More time to accrue; more BMEX for our users to earn,” the exchange said.

Some users, however, expressed their dismay regarding the decision on Twitter.


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