Binance CEO CZ Warns of ‘Massive’ SMS Phishing Scam

Binance CEO CZ Warns of ‘Massive’ SMS Phishing Scam

Some Binance customers have been sent an SMS advising of a withdrawal from their account with a false link provided to cancel it, CZ tweeted.

Binance CEO Changpeng “CZ” Zhao warned early on Friday of a “massive phishing scam via SMS” with a link to cancel withdrawals that leads to a website that harvests Binance users’ credentials.

  • “NEVER click on links from SMS! Always go to http://Binance.com via a bookmark or type it in,” Zhao wrote.
  • A Binance spokesperson said that Zhao was warning people in general about SMS phishing scams and citing one that had targeted Binance users, but not saying there was only one specific scam against Binance.
  • It was unclear how many Binance customers had been targeted with the scam, how many had fallen victim to it nor what threat there has been to their funds.
  • Customers being defrauded in this and other ways remain a common feature of the crypto industry even on major exchanges. Most recently, nearly $34 million was stolen from Crypto.com users via a hack on Jan. 17.

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